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The Role Of A Security Guard During COVID-19

The continuing coronavirus pandemic has meant the role of the security guard has needed to change their tactics and behaviours to meet the changing circumstances.

As the need for added security for public health, such as on public transport and in retail, as well as for the security of property and businesses, many have been enlisted to assist local governments and communities to cope with the social, physical, and psychological ramifications of the pandemic.

Here we look at the changing role of a security guard during the pandemic, and how services have been vital to keeping businesses and society safe and secure.

Healthcare security services

Increased security teams have been vital in helping hospitals deal with the admission of patients infected with the coronavirus, ensuring the safe transfer of patients and medical professionals to and from nearby isolation zones.

Security has also been required to cordon off certain areas to protect patients and staff, enforce one-way systems and routes around hospitals, as well as providing help and assistance to ensure public safety.

Public safety

While the retail sector previous used security personnel for the prevention of loss of goods through shoplifting and for staff security, the role they have now taken is to enforce public safety. Security may be required to monitor and limit the number of people in a store at any one time, as well as making sure customers are wearing face coverings.

Security services may also be involved in making sure that people in public spaces are adhering to social distancing guidelines, especially in areas under local lockdown.

Mobile patrol services

With many business premises still closed down due to the outbreak, the need for mob ice security patrols has increased to ensure the security of empty offices, retail stores, warehouses and commercial outlets, as well as manning alarm response hubs and CCTV monitoring.

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