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Security Team Keep Office Plants Alive During Lockdown!

Professional security guards really came into their own over lockdown, with businesses having to vacate their premises for months as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Coupled with the stress and anxiety associated with the pandemic, company owners had the added stress of worrying whether their business would be broken into while being left vacant.

But it seems that security teams weren’t just looking after empty sites, but also helping to keep office plants alive and well until companies staged a return to their desks.

Tumblr user wafflesrisa recently posted about how the security team at her law firm decided to rescue all the plants across the 12 floors of the building, putting them all in the cafeteria so they could get as much light as possible, Metro reports.

The poster described the cafe as a “temporary greenhouse. Cacti, succulents, spider plants, terrariums and potted ferns. Each plant has been individually labelled by hand with Post-It notes, with name and desk location so the plants can go home after lockdown ends”.

It’s always interesting to hear about guards going above and beyond. Do you all remember the heartwarming story of Morrisons security guard Ethan Dearman who shared his umbrella with a dog left outside the shop on a rainy day in Giffnock in Scotland?

Freddie the dog was apparently patiently waiting for his owner to finish shopping when the heavens opened - and Mr Dearman immediately went to fetch one of the store’s umbrellas to keep him dry until it was time to go home.

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