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Located in the United Kingdom, Ace Security Enterprises Ltd is one of the fastest and dynamic security guard services. We take pride in supplying a professional and cost-effective service, safeguarding the needs and budgets of you, the client. All of our security guards are Security Industry Association (SIA) registered to enable the highest standards of security to be delivered with the utmost integrity.

Ace Security has many years of experience in supplying professional security guards. This means we can offer you and your business the highest level of protection. We can meet your specialized needs to a world-class standard.

All of our security staff are vetted, undergoing a 5-year screening process to British standards (BS7858) before commencing any security duties. In addition we maintain experienced staff on hand if needed.

All Ace Security Guards wear clothing which is smart, presentable and easily identifies the individual and a security guard or supervisor. They wear their Security Industry Authority Licence on the outside of their clothing whilst on duty, so it is in full display. With a highly trained, fully licensed team of professionals, we provide innovative, integrated security solutions to industry, commerce and public sector organisations worldwide.

At Ace Security we have a proven background in expertise, effectively guarding companies and businesses from all types of threats. Our standards of professionalism are unmatched within the security industry.

We can offer training in close protection, door supervising and SIA licensing. We also provide advanced first aid training.

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What We Provide

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Our security guards will observe and protect your business premises and its personal assets for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, giving you that reassurance and peace of mind. We will professionally carry out our range of security chores. This will be conducted by our Static Guards. They are ideally suited for deployment at strategic and sensitive locations. They are trained and equipped to perform key security functions including:

  • Protection of buildings, offices and equipment.

  • Gate operation, access control.

  • Security of stock materials and movement control.

  • Traffic control, parking and protection.

Every community and business has a reason to consider professional security guards. You may be fully aware of the shock, the monetary impact and damage​s of burglary causes. Imagine you own a home? Your personal privacy invaded. The safety of your loved ones and possessions is imperative. Our trained guards will provide the security and safety you need. 

Retail shopping stores are facing increasing needs for superior security due to the presence of undesirable people. Thieves routinely fill their bags and pockets with merchandise and exit the store and employee theft can occur right under the management's nose. Meetings for drug supply purchases are on the increase so the need for superior retail security is important. Ace Security is equipped to handle the task. We have been handling retail store security throughout the UK recognising these threats, keeping honest customers safe in a secure friendly environment.


24hr Mobile Patrols in Marked Vehicles
Mobile Patrols will protect your property day and night. These are a suitable alternative if circumstances involving static guarding are impractical or too expensive, but the need for high visibility is still required. We visit at random times and check pre-determined locations, which means you will have peace of mind knowing that we are patrolling exactly what you want us to protect. We will provide you with detailed reports are taking place and you are notified of every incident that may have taken place.
Mobile patrols also act as an effective deterrent helping protect premises, building site, schools, factories and car parks.
Residential communities have unique security needs. Some locations need a constant 24-hour security presence, while others require an officer to patrol a larger area visiting different places at indiscriminate time. Both security methods are excellent at crime and theft prevention with Ace Security being in a distinctive position to deliver both types of service.


We offer comprehensive Office Security.

Running an office building brings many variable important responsibilities. Being prime targets for vandalism, thefts an break-ins hence the need for a premier security service in order to maintain employees and their belongings safe. Ace Security will greatly reduce, if not stop vehicle break-ins, thefts, vandalism and automotive theft.

Reception Security is a specialty of ours. We are one of the most experienced teams in the security industry. It is our responsibility to provide the best possible service to every one of our clients whatever their requirements.  

  • Access control carried out with courtesy and firmness by our security guard.

  • A visible presence.

  • A warm welcome for bona fide visitors.

  • Information for visitors and excellent communication skills.

  • Efficiency in bringing together visitors and those whom they've come to see.

In addition to these services, office security can help maintain security of all sensitive data and information. This could be anything from client information to confidential corporate documents.​

Student on Mobile Phone


School, academy and university students, staff and assets need more protection in this day and age than they have before. Safeguarding the area and environment, preventing violence and ensuring the safety of everyone and everything is paramount. A routine assessment of vulnerabilities is essential.

If certain issues are overlooked this can leave a facility vulnerable to violence, theft, damage and major lawsuits. Our team of School Security Experts at Ace Security can conduct a complete assessment of your institution's situation and needs.

  • Security Policies.

  • Security Systems (Access Control Alarms and CCTV).

  • Escalation Policies and Intervention Procedures.

People attend educational facilities to teach and learn. This at times can bring great stress and pressure to individuals. Nobody needs the added stress of worrying about their personal safety whilst on these premises. We can step in the ensure the areas are free from unwanted dangers. Our guards can monitor all areas at all times.

Ace Security also offers a 'School Watch' service. School watch is designed to provide mobile security cover to schools and colleges outside of working hours and during the holidays. Vandals, petty thieves and other criminals are increasingly targeting schools. Working in partnership with the local police and local education authorities, we actively want to decrease crime levels.

Construction Site


A construction area is a very sensitive and dangerous area. Sensitive in the sense that if ill-mannered individuals were to tamper with the site, harm could be caused. The site may have to be temporarily closed with progess stopped, this could prove costly for the construction company.
Our security guards will work diligently to prevent entry by any unauthorized personnel, damage to machinery and theft of work material. This is accomplished by our security guards monitoring and recording people leaving or entering the construction site. When the workers are not on site, our guards will secure all entrances and ensure that they are locked and inaccessible. In addition, they will do intermittent rounds arount the site to prevent any actions that are detrimental to the site.

Security Guard with Dog


Highly trained licensed guard dog handler and patrol dog services are available. We provide BIPDT & NASDU standards for your private security needs. Ace Security is one of the most popular in the UK, specializing in providing professional security dog services to clients from a wide range of public and private sectors.
We are an elite and exclusive company providing a first-class service to our clients. We pride ourselves in employing the best dog teams, controlling the best-trained guard and patrol dogs. As well as our basic compatibility guard dog training, all our staff undergo comprehensive training before they can work on site with a guard dog. Our standards are compliant with BS8517.

Industrial Building


A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading when deciding on the appropriate warehouse materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities due to their remote locations.

Security services we can provide for warehouses and storage facilities are:

  • Warehouse security guards

  • Warehouse surveillance cameras and CCTV

For greater peace of mind simply consider using our professional guards. Ace Security provides security guards and many other warehouse security services that will deter theft and vandalism. When deciding or need professional guidance on the security provisions for your premises, call us for a no obligation quote.​

Molecules Security


Stopping the threads to your supply chain can be catastrophic, whether it is cargo theft, product theft, employee theft, property damage, organised crime or tampering of property. We have a comprehensive security solution for your business. Ace Security will identify possible/probable threats to your supply chain and facilitate by working closely with you and your management team. We will organise a solution to put a stop to your losses in a minimal amount of time and expenditure. Ace Security understands that your supply chain is your business and we will secure it with our comprehensive understanding og the security measures that will be needed.

Buying a House


Believe it or not, some house burglaries occur during the day time when most people are away at work or school, however, the summer months July and August have the most burglaries. The risk of personal attack in your own home (although very rare), would be an extremely traumatizing thing. 
The damage and inconvenience of having your property occupied by squatters would be very costly and would deprive you and your property for a very long time.
Ace Security provides security guards around the clock deterring burglars and home intruders from entering your residential community. We offer affordable monitored home security solutions. We have a range of residential solutions available to respond to your needs. These include guarding a single residence or supplying a team of guards with dogs for residential associations supported by electronic systems.

Security Guard


Staff are trained and qualified to SIA standards BS7499 and BS7858 for your private security requirements.

Ace Security is committed to providing elite security staff with a premier business support. We pride ourselves on the staff welfare thus maintaining high levels of retention, which we we consider vital to a successful operation. 

With a highly trained, fully licensed team of security proffessionals, we provide innovative intergrated security solutions to industry commerce and public sector organisations nationwide.

Ace Security door supervisors will greet visitors to the licensed premises in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. We operate fairly and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race or belief, disability or any other specific difference in individuals. This is not relevant to the door supervisor's responsibility.

All of our staff will carry out a general conduct observation and by no means solicit or accept any bribe or other considerations from any person/s. They will always be professional and for no reason being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and neglecting his/her position.

Crowd of People


Security services is an essential element for all high-profile society family and business affairs. Ace Security are an excellent choice for special events covering conferences, conventions, private party's, charity events, business gatherings, red-carpet events and black-tie affairs. 

Event security in all its aspects is one of Ace Security key specialties. As one of the most experienced companies in the security industry we can take pride in all event security.

  • Perimeter Security

  • Backstage Security

  • Control of VIP Areas

  • Crowd Management

  • Stewarding

​ A few high-profile clients in and around the UK have already benefited from our security service. In particular, we are successful with our crowd management and stewarding, working closely with key venue personnel and event organizers. This was established from the earliest planning stages to site clearing thus ensuring that the site security was managed as an integral part of the organisation and the whole event ran smoothly.

Our extensive experience gives us an unparalleled understanding of the sensitivity of VIP events and of the appropriate handling of specialty managed VIP enclosures.

High on the list of priorities for any event is health and safety. Environment bodies trade associations and professional agencies. Ace Security keeps up to date with all new development and legislation in the field.

We can also provide medic cover at these events along with our staff. All fully trained and safe.

Security Guard


Ace Security provides an exceptional security patrol and bodyguard services across the world. Other security services in the world simply cannot compete with our unwavering dedication and track record in providing exceptional and professional security guard services. Our security and patrol service surpass any other security companies in the world. Ace Security has successfully provided cost effective close protection using qualified SIA licensed staff working effectively with our clients ensuring each of our client's personal needs are attained and assuring their complete safety.

Executive Protection from the Security Experts

Personal safety is always the most important part of our lives. Most people take safety for granted presuming that nobody would target them. Others, due to employment or other factors understand their personal safety is extremely important. This is where executive and personal protection comes in. No matter how small or large the threat, Ace Security is ready to protect anyone who needs it. Whether you are the owner of a large company or simply transporting valuable materials from one place to another, security should always be considered.

Criminals who are concerned with only the payoff may be ready to confront and rob at any moment. Entertainers and celebrities know all too well the dangers of fans that go over the edge.

Ace Security is prepared to protect anyone who needs that extra level of security.



Security Guard Training

If you wish to become a Security Officer you will need to be licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

We provide a 3 day nationally approved course which enables individuals to gain the necessary qualifications to become licenced.

The course consists of 3 units which are separately assessed by means of an externally set and marked multiple choice question paper.

This qualification applies to those working within the (store detection, loss prevention commercial, leisure, reception, gatehouse duties mobile patrol and alarm response security officers.

 Should you wish to work in the licensed trade you would need to complete the Door Supervisor qualification.

  • Unit 1 – Working in the Private Security Industry

  • Unit 2 -  Working as a Security Officer

  • Unit 3 – Conflict Management

Interested in beginning a fulfilling career in the security industry?

Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you, and we'll let you know what course best suits your goals.

Close Protection

For the professional seeking authority to work in the UK as a Close Protection Officer they must complete the necessary qualification.

Ace Security training offer a 2 week Level 3 BTEC Edexel approved Close Protection course which once completed enables delegates to apply to the SIA for their Close Protection licence. 

The level 3 Close Protection course is a demanding course with very high standards. Training will encompass all elements of Close Protection with emphasis on practical application of tactics and procedures.

Training scenarios are filmed to highlight specific areas of development and used constructively to support the trainee. Instructors are on hand to give guidance at all times.

The course includes; reconnaissance and planning, foot and vehicle drills, introduction to evasive driving skills, threat assessment, search techniques, route selection and evacuation drills.

During the course we will identify the threat and risk factors associated with the role of a Close Protection operative, high light dangers and direct our trainees towards the constant need to assess the situation in an operational sphere.

The training is strict, demanding yet rewarding. Team work is of paramount importance and trainees are expected to support others.

The instructors will encourage individuals throughout the course offering invaluable experience for the benefit of the trainee.

Door Supervision

If you wish to pursue a career as a Door Supervisor in the UK you will need a licence to practice issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

To enable you to apply for a licence you must compete an approved Door Supervisor’s training course in order to obtain the qualifications required. The BIIAB Level 2 Award in Door Supervision is a nationally recognised qualification designed for those who wish to work in the industry.

Endorsed by the SIA and regulated by Ofqual the qualification is awarded to learners who are required to successfully complete four modules.

First Aid

Ace Security offers First Aid courses practical and scenario based to give a more modern hands on and memorable learning experience. This helps to gain the skills and confidence to deal with emergency situations. The courses are designed to meet all levels of First Aid training and are adapted so they are relevant to the delegates attending.

The emergency First Aid at Work level 2 qualification is ideal for most businesses whose risk assessment has identified that there is no requirement for a fully trained first aider for their work place. All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured to meet the requirements of the First Aid at Work regulations 1981. The certificate is valued for 3 years.

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